Llegir en Català —Reading in Catalan— is a group of independent publishers engaged to issue books in Catalan language.

Our efforts are mainly gathered to build projects for a better spreading of our works. Increasing presence in bookstores and struggling to make the Catalan book market stronger by means of cooperation are our approaches.

Nowadays, Llegir en Català assembles 8 publishers, all free and independent companies based in the main regions where Catalan is spoken: Alrevés / Crims.cat, Birabiro Editorial, Editorial Les Hores, L'Avenç, Raig Verd Editorial, Saldonar, Sembra Llibres and Tigre de Paper.

Our books cover many different subjects, but we have a common link: the publication of fiction, especially novels, either originally written in Catalan or translated from other languages.

Our latest catalogue can be downloaded here.